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Lean start-up & Scrum

You can, of course, guess that your app or website will work out well. However, the benefits of an agile approach, such as Scrum or a Lean startup method, soon become clear when you ask yourself: How to realize an app or website that matters?

Lean start-up

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Lean startup method is not only meant for startups but also for established companies with a need for innovation and the desire to be able to respond quickly to changes.

A somewhat pragmatic approach is important. It is in no one's interest to develop beautiful software that ultimately nobody wants to use. We consult with end users and other stakeholders from an early stage.

We build what is needed and desired based on their feedback. This is how we realize mobile, web and TV applications that matter.

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The story behind the app

The Scrum framework and the Lean Startup method enable us to create agile solutions that can quickly add value as we like to build apps that matter, whether it is a business app or an app for consumers.

The common thing is to find out how we can realize the most value for the end users of your app. We are not only interested in the design and technical realization of the app, but also in the story behind the app.

Important questions are: Who is the target group and what do they find particularly important when it comes to the functionality that an app must offer? That is what we will find out together through a smart and agile way of working.

The Business Model Canvas or the Lean canvas by Ash Maurya helps you determine who your target audience is, what it is that gives your app a head start over your competition, what your distribution channels are, who your partners can be and what your costs and potential sales are.

Solutions such as Back4App make it possible to quickly validate your app (or Saas) concept early in the technical sense. Is it really such a good idea? What do your (future) customers think?

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Build, Measure & Learn

Why spend half a year or more on developing a beautiful piece of software that nobody wants to use in the end? Validated learning through the Build-Measure-Learn loop can prevent this.

It all starts with the launch of a Minimum Viable product (MVP), or: A first version of the app or web solution based on certain assumptions.

By measuring how the app is used we can learn whether a certain assumption is true or not. By continuously repeating this process, the relevancy and the value of applications can be considerably increased. Ultimately, both your organization and your end users benefit from this.


Miker Works can ensure that your app is realized in a technically responsible manner that enables you to quickly become relevant have realized a solution. We are certified in the field of Scrum (Scrum master & Product Owner certification).

Do you want to realize Android, iOS or .NET web applications in a smart way or do you have specific Scrum and Lean startup related issues? Please contact us for more information.

With more than twenty years of experience in the field of software development, we are your reliable & expert partner.

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