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Users register, log in and share information. Just some reasons why most apps cannot exist without a back end.


Miker Works is a partner of Back4app, a solution based on the Parse Server technology. This makes it possible to develop a backend solution for mobile applications in particular quickly and easily.

Back4app is suitable for both a proof of concept as a production environment, apps with very many users or many peak moments.

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Azure is a Microsoft cloud solution, that allow development of robust .NET (Core) solutions for web applications using databases and file storage (images, video or documents).

Azure is also suitable for various other tasks. This includes Artificial Intelligence, support for blockchain applications and document and invoices (UBL) processing.

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Backend for an app

There are many apps that require a backend. For example consider users, who must be able to register and log in. After all, a user you know (instead of an anonymous user) can be converted much easier into a customer (a paying user that is).

We can often quickly unlock your data via an app. We can do that for your existing system or create a completely customized solution for you.

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Do you want to temporarily expand your team with a C #, ASP.NET (Core) developer? We have extensive experience with Visual Studio, C #, APIs, ASP.NET (Core), MVC, SQL Server and Azure.

Of course a Scrum approach is our top priority and we have TDD, Unit and UI tests to guarantee the quality of the solutions and of the processes.

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