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A quick and affordable solution, yet customized. How is that possible? With our SaaS solution or standard app, which already contains the basics. We have solutions for you, from very generic to very specific.

Perfect SaaS

To help you develop your .NET-based SaaS solution, we offer an entry-level framework that provides the basic functionality of a SaaS. Based on this, we can provide further, more specific functionality based on your wishes.

Under the name PerfectSaaS we offer you a solution that meets the basic needs. It uses techniques such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Azure and is therefore a stable and scalable solution.

The basis consists of, among other things, onboarding (registration, confirmation, logging in and introduction), recording of users, teams, projects, notifications, APIs and numerous other features that, as we have learned from our experience, keep recurring in every SaaS solution.

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Perfect App

Quickly set the foundation for your customized app? This is possible with our 'Perfect App' solution, which offers you the best of both worlds: Realizing an app in a short time with a number of standard app functions (and at an attractive price!), combined with the flexibility of a customized app.

The standard app is suitable for both Android and iOS and comes with support for: onboarding (registration, confirmation, logging in and introduction), retrieving data from a back end (For example Back4app, Azure or a PerfectSaas solution), showing lists, showing details, images, videos and push notifications.

The app includes a web management system (CMS), with which you can manage and modify all data. This way you will retain full control.

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Digital signatures

Need a digital signature in your SaaS solution? We can help you implement this in your ASP.NET or PerfectSaas solution.

Prices for implementation and for processing the signatures are on request. Contact us for more information.

Email & SMS

For e-mail campaigns and for transactional e-mail we offer you a solution with which you can manage templates and e-mail lists, from your own system or from the web solution to be realized for you.

We also offer various options for SMS. Consider for example logging in (Two factor authentication) or notifications. Contact us for more information.

Books and business cards

Print images or PDF files from your app or SaaS (ASP.NET web solution) as a book, business card, calendar or other form of printed matter. That is no longer a big challenge. Prices depend on the type of printing, volumes and method of implementation. Contact us for more information.

Video consultation & webinars

Integrate live video in your web solution? This is ideal for e-learning purposes (1 on 1) but also useful for providing support (1: 1). With the live chat extension a perfect webinar is possible in all cases. Contact us for more information.


Relefant is an Ethereum blockchain Proof of Concept solution from Miker Works, realized with Solidity, smart contracts, Nethereum & .NET.

The date of a document can be very important to serve as a burden of proof. However, an ordinary digital document is easy to adjust, including the date. It is then not particularly useful as proof.

Relefant is a simple but smart content management system that gives every file an unchangeable date.

A unique certificate of existence is produced by means of a digital fingerprint of the document and by registering it in a block chain.

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Miker Works participates in a number of organizations. One of those companies is ELO Connect, the creators of Teamspot. It is a web-based CRM and CMS application for schools and companies.

The application brings schools and companies together in the context of internships. For example, it is possible to involve pupils (students), teachers and internship supervisors online in the internship.

The Teamspot solution is used by various schools, including City & amp; Esch (VO) and Hanze University of Applied Sciences. It provides all facilities around the administration of students, teachers, companies and internships. The internship booklets (modules) are also an important part of Teamspot.

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Other solutions

Miker Works also participates in a number of other apps and online applications, including Freelapp.nl, Space Social app and the Onni app.